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Assuming you’re a Brit of a certain age, you’ll remember the jingle the moment you hear it! And you’ll realise what’s been missing on TV at this time of year for the last few years!

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Not so long ago, Guy Fawkes Night was probably mainland British children’s third favourite day of the whole year – after Christmas and Easter Sunday with all those chocolate eggs.

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But in PC, liberal, Disneyfied Britain, it has been replaced by totally commercialised and increasingly Satanised Hollywood Hallowe’en, and downgraded to ‘Bonfire Night’, mentioned in passing on the weather forecast.

One of the iconic points in British history, religion and popular culture is being erased from the collective memory of the next generation.

So if you have a proper November 5th firework display on near you this evening, get the children from your family there and make sure they know all about the wicked foreign agent Guy Fawkes and how his plot to blow up Parliament was foiled. Yes, we know it’s tempting to think we need him back, but that’s not the point here!

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